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Our Steam page is ready to serve you right here: STEAM Full version is available for a price of a coffee cup!

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Kaapelipeli: The Cable Game is the world's only game about planning underground cables. Playing is simple at first: You need to guide the lonely project engineer to the transformer while avoiding angry landowners, various obstacles and weather effects. You can even "shoot" land use contracts and drills, making your job even easier. However, things tend to change as you progress... Get your planning career started here: INTRODUCTION

To get a full insight, click here: Summary

NEW ! Download Win/Linux/Mac Demo versions as Desktop-apps here: NEW !

Demo android/browser version is out! Look for it on Google PLAY , GAMESALAD ARCADE or GAME JOLT
Kaapelipeli- The Cable Game Official Trailer

Kaapelipeli- The Cable Game Official Trailer

Official Trailer.

Witness the whole Trailer here:

Listen official Soundtrack here:


See other videos here:

While taking a break from playing, read the blog about game's process and development here:

After that you can watch interesting lore from game's cycle of life @ Instagram:
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Kaapelipeli: The Cable Game, is a game by Ei kait siinä studios. By the way, Kaapelipeli means cable game in Finnish!

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