What has happened so far? *Future updates and tweaks*


Hi all, Please note that development is currently on hold. During this time Studios makes plans concerning games future and upcoming content. New Game Trailers and Social media stuff will still get released during this hiatus. Stay and Play Safe!

-Update Kaapelipeli Wiki - (Continuously updated)

-Follower-system: ability to keep a cosmetic "pet" but you have to caught them first! (New 2019) DONE

-Follower update: A Farm where you can keep your captured "pets" and play with them. (New 2020) ​​- DONE

-Develop a tool to change players stats according to current character (New 2019-20) - DONE

-New playing mode: Digging / Digging-mode. An exclusive 2020 feature in Kaapelipeli that brings more depth and additional elements to the game. (New 2020) - DONE

-More Digging-mode content, vehicles, graphics, visuals etc. (New 2020) - DONE but more to come ;)

-Added a "plot or story" to the game (New 2020) ​​- DONE

-New secret Egypt-themed level inspired by AC:Origins (New 2020) ​​- DONE

-Instagram account to spread the gospel of Kaapelipeli (also news and updates and videos) DONE

-Advanced options and some customization possibilities (New 2019) ​ - DONE & improved more during 2020

-Characters with different stats, background stories and bullets (New 2019-20) DONE

-Report Bug and Read Blog -buttons (New 2019) ​​- Done

-More playable characters (New 2019) ​​- Done

-More optional areas (New 2019) ​​- Done

-Characters have different ammo (New 2019) ​​- Done

-More and reworked weather effects (New 2019) - DONE

-Bonus levels and Bonus Boss (New 2019) - DONE ​​

-Towns and Cities with shops and coffee houses! -Town DONE + more incoming! DONE 2020

-More achievements - DONE

-Even More achievements - DONE 2020

-Winter update - DONE

-More detailed score system with rewards - DONE

-Weather effects - DONE 

-Hints and tips -section - DONE

-Possibility to have conversations (Other than Notta!) - DONE

-Quests (New 2019) - DONE

-Achievements - DONE

-Boss run mode - DONE 

-Speed run mode (New 2019) DONE

-Alpha Demo Version - DONE

In the distant future:

-Official Demo Android Version and release - DONE

*Beta released

In far future:

- Official Release trailer - DONE 21/3/2020

Full version with:

-Larger Levels - (New 2019) - DONE

-Improved GUI - (mew 2019) - DONE

-Bonus levels and extra routes to discover (New 2019) - DONE

-Top highscore list (DONE)

-Controller support - It looks like that Gamesalad doesn't support this in Windows...

-Various Lifetime stats - DONE

-Levels and characters that can be unlocked (New 2019) - DONE

-New sounds and music - DONE

-New secret features to enhance gameplay and add replaybility - DONE

Steam release 

First steps taken Spring 2020! - DONE !

Make game readied for Steam environment - DONE !

'Future TBA!'

- A hidden Egypt level and landscape DONE

- Ancient Greek (30 years of planning) levels and modified gameplay (new 2020) - DONE, not yet published ;)

-Characters with different playing styles and ammo. DONE but perhaps more tweaking in the future!

-More weather effects/updates to existing ones - DONE 2020

-Cheat mode - DONE 2020

-Tangled Jungle! Bring electricity to primitive regions. In progress ON HOLD

-Pixel levels! Enjoy the minimalist graphics while playing the game in a funny new way. ON HOLD

Last updated 11/29/2020

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